A Great place to grow

This is my first review ever and I am very happy that it is for 'Country Hills Montessori'. My daughter started at CHM from the age 1 yr 6 months. We started with half days and we shifted her to full time within 6 months. Initially when we started looking for day care, we didn’t know much about Montessori or the method of their teaching. We are more looking for a clean environment, nice and bright rooms, responsible and attentive teachers who are willing to take time to communicate with you. After going around for few weeks (we didn't like any), we got a reference from one of my friend whose kids attended CHM before. We went for a tour and liked it to the core – we liked everything especially the teachers and their involvement with kids. Miss Tanya is the first person we met and she left a great impression on us. She gave us a detail tour, explained how they take care of kids, daily updates and what Montessori is about. We believe that the school runs on how the head of the school envisions it and we are very happy on this case. We have to wait for little time to get a seat confirmation but once we got that, we jumped on the opportunity. Since this was my daughter's first time staying away from home, she got adjusted within a week - thanks to the teachers (Miss Sonali) for the way they took care of her. The lunch they provide is one the best and we get updates on each and every day. As we go, we can see she is getting better in every aspect (kinds of food, getting better on communication, getting more social and started to pick up reading). These things got better once she got to early preschool class under Miss Michelle. We don’t see the division 'early preschool' in every school but I would say – this is very helpful to kids to transfer from toddler to preschool. This is where my kid started learning to be independent that took her to preschool class under Miss Colleen and Miss Sara. The teachers are very responsible and caring when it comes to taking kids out on tours or in class. My kid is very sensitive and we asked to use specific cream/lotions for her and I observed that they used it every time. Teachers always build the relationships within kids and my daughter got so attached with all her teachers and kids that we are very happy for it. As we progress from day 1, we learned what Montessori is from multiple walk through sessions in very class. This sessions gave us an idea on what kids learn and do every day. Unfortunately, we have to relocate to Seattle and we have to leave CHM. This was very hard as we are so happy with the school and my kid is so attached. But Miss Tanya helped us to find a Montessori and my daughter started going to school referred. We are so thankful to Miss Tanya that my daughter got in to one of the best around here.

Submitted by a parent · October 02, 2017

Since you are reading this, you are in the middle of making a very important decision – selecting the best care for your child! I, too, was in this position last year, and after reading many reviews, talking with parents and visiting five schools, I chose Country Hills Montessori for my twin daughters. More than year after I made this decision, my girls have been attending this school full time, and it is a pleasure to recommend it to you for a few reasons. What impresses me most about Country Hills Montessori is the constant effort to keep our children safe. Ms. Tanya, owner and operator, and her entire staff make sure the atmosphere is safe for each age-appropriate classroom. I also like the fact that the staff engages in continuing education. Country Hills Montessori not only offers safety, but it also offers our children a great education. As an educator myself, I knew I found the right place for my girls when I first stepped into the clean, calm learning environments. The classrooms are devoted to age-appropriate learners, and these classrooms are limited to a small number of students, so I know that my daughters are getting a lot of attention. The stations are well organized and supervised, and there is an incredible variety of activities for each child. Over the past year, I have gotten to know the teachers at Country Hills Montessori through parent-teacher conferences, open houses and informal chats while dropping off and picking up my twins. The teachers truly care for each child, and they are devoted to their safety, learning and having some fun. I appreciate the effort they put in to making sure I am well informed about what happened each day…and speaking of having some fun, there are some really great extra activities for the children – including an amazing umbrella-covered sandbox engineered specifically for this school and a splash pad! Looking back at the hard decision I faced last year, I am so glad and have been completely satisfied with choosing Country Hills Montessori for my daughters. I know that they are being well-taken care of while learning and having fun. I would recommend this school to any family who is searching for the right learning environment for their children. I urge you to schedule an interview and see what this great school can offer you.

Sincerely, Karyn H.



We chose Montessori because we felt it gave our daughter the most well rounded and diverse educational opportunity. We wanted to expose her to a variety of concepts and techniques that would nurture her creativity and independence. Country Hills Montessori has gone above and beyond in providing this type of atmosphere for our child. We could not be happier with the experiences she has at the school. She has just flourished since attending Country Hills. Her personality has grown tremendously, as well as her independence, communication and confidence has soared. Every day she surprises us with something new she learned at school. In addition, we feel she is very comfortable, safe and secure at the school. The facility is clean, and the teachers are so accommodating, organized and nurturing. Our daughter can't wait to get to school to see her teachers and friends. She even wants to go to school on the weekends! Country Hills Montessori has been a blessing to our family! As parents, it really helped ease us into the transition of leaving our child with someone outside of the family. We love that we can just call or stop by at any time and see how our child is doing. There really isn't a better choice!


To All Parents:
I have two children, and both attended Country Hills when we moved to the Detroit area from Chicago. The academic enrichment that the school provides is tremendous. It is clear that both of my girls are over achieving in school and are learning beyond their age. In addition, the teachers there are so caring and wonderful. They have made my kids feel like they are part of an extended family and really talk to all kids with respect and seek to understand their needs. They are also very loving and work with the kids at their pace. I would highly recommend Country Hills Montessori for those parents (and by the way, they really do a great job with before and after school care for those working parents) who want their children to get a great head start, but also know how to be kids. I also want to mention all of the Assistant Teachers who are very caring with the students and also have a tremendous work ethic and hands on approach in each of the classrooms.
Finally, I also want to add that the extracurricular activities that are offered really make a difference with the students. My kids were in ballet and gymnastics, but there is definitely something for everyone.
Hands down, this has been one of the best early educations my children have received.

Sincerely, Ms. S. Moore

Dear Country Hills Montessori,

I have looked at many pre-schools, not one of them compared to Country Hills Montessori. They are clean, organized, allergy conscience, and their teachers are astounding. Everyone is kind and polite and they teach every student to be that way. What I love is that it is not like a typical daycare. The children actually learn and become prepared for elementary school both socially and educationally. My eldest daughter was very shy. She could barely speak to someone she did not know. By the time she went into kindergarten, shy would not be the word to describe her. She is ahead for her age in both reading and writing. I owe it all to the amazing curriculum and staff at country hills Montessori. My son was a very late talker. I tried everything from speech therapist to videos and nothing worked! I put him in country hills at age 18 months and within three months he as talking in compete sentences. The best part is my children love it there. They make learning fun for them! It is truly a warm and loving school that gives every child the special attention they need.

Tanya Yono

I'm the oldest of 5 with 17 years separating myself from my youngest sibling. Therefore, I've had experiences with many different school systems, both public and private in multiple states. This is the 2nd Montessori school I've been involved with for my son and I could not be happier. Of all my schooling experiences, I wish I could have had both the loving, caring treatment my son receives along with the high caliber education. The wonderful people who have taught my son, led by Mrs Jerie, TRULY CARE about their students and, at the same time, possess remarkable talent and knowledge in the art of teaching. It is heartening when a 30 year veteran of teaching lets you know that she still takes classes to stay at the top of her game and to provide the best service to her young pupils. As a business executive, I also admire courteous, professional teamwork. They truly have an exceptional team here. I toured close to 10 schools in my decision making process. This was a slam dunk. I can not give it anything but my highest recommendation.

Submitted by a parent

My oldest daughter went to Country Hills Montessori and my husband and I couldn't be any happier with everything. She is in first grade now and she is continuing her love of learning which I believe started at CHM. She was reading by the end of her preschool year and was also adding and subtracting. I feel that she didn't learn much in Kindergarten at Bloomfield Hills Public Schools because she had already learned it at CHM.The staff is very professional and friendly. We felt it was a loving and nurturing environment for our daughter and now our four year old daughter is attending school there. She has been going there since September and is already putting letters together and reading them. She is also very happy at this school. If you want a great start for your child(ren) I recommend this school because it was the best investment we ever made! Thank you to all the staff for loving what you do.

Silvia C.